Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Global Economic Parameters

Country                                             Business                             Consumer
                                                       Confidence                          Confidence
China                                                125.60                                   103.70
Euro Area                                            -0.76                                   -21.90
France                                                 84.00                                    78.61
Germany                                            105.70                                    36.40
India                                                   49.90                                    120.00
UK                                                       5.00                                    -22.00
US                                                      49.00                                     76.20


  1. Why is there no text explanation for the economic global parameter you have provided it could be more interesting to read it if it does? But as far as I understand this numbers are basic indicators that the country's economy is a good one or not. More likely I can colate this info with what I have been checking on binary options broker review ioptionsreview.com because I want to have a good trade result.

    1. This is just a piece of information. It is only indicative in nature. Any reader is free to draw his / her own conclusions. Moreover, these are short term indicators. They are volatile as they are dependent on a bunch of factors.
      It would be unfair to judge any country's economic health purely on the basis of these indicators.

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